Dundee Living within History – Dundee

The Dundee living within History is a multifaceted heritage project which was launched in 2010 and cleverly incorporates aspects of history, creativity and education.

In 2010 artist Vaughn Sadie and playwright/theatre-maker Neil Coppen relocated to the town of Dundee in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal as part of VANSA (The Visual Arts Network of South Africa) 2010 Reasons to Live in Small Town residency. Their project saw them working in conjunction with the Talana Museum, historians, community groups, re-enactors, tour guides and learners.

With a culture of historical re-enactment (the tradition of replaying the past through performance) already existing in the town, the artists worked towards staging a series of unconventional re-enactments in public spaces around Dundee.

For extensive documentation of the for the project, please follow the link to Dundee Living within History.