APPROACH: Cultural Production in a Shifting Social Context

The exhibition and programme, which took place at KZNSA in Durban in May 2016, was designed to encourage dialogue and exchange by creating various entry points for multiple communities. The exhibition provided the visual context, introducing the organisations – The South African History Archive, SPARCK and Urban Futures Network – and presenting projects they had previously developed. It was a space to continually return to as the programme unfolded, to reflect on the changing relationship of provocations to Approach. The public programme provided a more direct engagement with the content and organisations through workshops, screenings, presentations and panel discussions. The activities were designed to create a place for critical discussion around the role and value of socially engaged practice. The reading area provided a space for reflection and the opportunity to understand the participating organisations’ broader contexts. Each of the organisations made publications and journal articles available to give insight into their work and processes. The additional books and exhibited essays provided further context for some of the conversations, locating the organisations and their projects in a larger field of inquiry.

APPROACH was conceived and developed by Vaughn Sadie in conversation with the South African History Archive, SPARCK and Urban Futures Centre with funding from the National Lotteries Commission administered by the KZNSA.